One of the first books Robert purchased in the early stages of starting our company was on Aromatherapy. We talk about how our senses make us feel a certain way: pictures and music can do that, but some people forget that one of the strongest senses we have is our sense of smell. Feelings of happiness, love, compassion, nostalgia, and even sadness can well up inside us when we are exposed to certain scents.

Think about the smell of someone grilling outside. Memories of family get-togethers, holidays at the beach, or that time you lost power and the only way to get a good meal was to start up that grill - and it felt adventurous and fun! Maybe walking down the street on a Spring day, and the scent of the flowers wafting in the air floods you with memories as a kid. Robert recalls having his own flower garden in front of his house in Copenhagen. His mom had set up a plot for all the neighboring kids to have their own little space to plant and care for anything they wanted. We both grew up with homemade house cleaning supplies. Scents of strong lemon (and vinegar!) wafted through the house.

It's no surprise that Robert gravitated to essential oils not only for their gorgeous scents, but also their amazing healing qualities. He carefully selected each essential oil we use in each of our products for their exceptional healing of the skin, but also the emotional and spiritual healing as well.

Bergamot essential oil, which we use in our shave foam and calming linen and body spray, is incredibly healing and soothing to the skin.  It is also simultaneously stimulating and soothing to the mind and body. Joy, freshness and energy are often felt.  The rind is used to extract the oil and is actually used in many perfumes as the top note. It is the most delicate of all the citrus plants. Italians have used Bergamot for years to reduce feelings of stress and to soothe and rejuvenate skin. Of course, we all know earl grey tea, which bergamot essential oil is a main ingredient.


We source our bergamot essential oil from the Bergamot region of Italy. We make sure that the oil is clean, fresh, free of chemicals or additives, and is harvested with the utmost care. Not all oils are created equal, and with very little regulations, we make sure to only buy the highest quality ingredients. It's worth it to us to only have the best to offer our family, friends, and customers!!  

**Please note that essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in many parts of plants, whereas fragrance oils are artificially created and contain artificial substances. Fragrance oils may mimic scents of naturally occurring essential oils, but they do not offer the therapeutic benefits - quite the opposite - many contain harmful ingredients.

  • June 09, 2017
  • Eco Armour
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