We are in the middle of a major renovation project and everything is upside down.  There is no sink in the kitchen (or dishwasher),  so we have to go into the bathroom to do dishes or wash our hands.

We don't mind it so much, knowing it's temporary, but it has changed how we plan our meals. Discussing and planning meals is a "Benzinger tradition." At breakfast, we will discuss what we are having for dinner. Ordinarily I'll just whip up a pot of soup or make a crust for a quiche and get inspired at the store for the filling. Now it's more like, "What is the easiest meal to heat up, is nutritious, requires zero prep and will look good on a paper plate?"  

One thing I love to make are veggie and fruit smoothies in our Blendtec blender. I usually throw in chopped up apples, cucumber, squeeze in lemon and lime juice, a handful of spinach and parsley and pour in some kombucha for fun flavor and bite. Now, I'm just using a scoop of Amazing Grass superfood in a glass of water.


And, you know what?  It's totally fine. It's easier, I still feel good, less work, and zero clean up. Robert is finding he loves Georges spicy bloody Mary mix as his morning pick-me-up. In spite of the obvious temptation, he has so far not added any of his "Fair Vodka" to the mix.

We might even stick to this new and easy routine after my dream kitchen is completed!

For lunch, we find ourselves eating sushi or hitting the salad bar at Fresh Market in between running errands, dropping off orders at the post office, going to appointments, etc. That soul-satisfying feeling we get from sitting down to a meal mindfully and lovingly prepared is not included in the pre-packaged meals in the freezer section of the grocery store.  Sitting at a table cluttered with cement dust, unread mail, stacks of paper plates and napkins, and other junk usually meant for drawers in the kitchen, doesn't really inspire good digestion. Therefore we have reached the conclusion that it is totally up to us how we approach our current situation, how we set the table for meals, and how we live while our house is upside down.


The workers coming to the house each day aren't insisting we eat at a messy table, live with dust and dirt on the furniture, papers and books piled up everywhere, dirty dishes on the table, floors covered with spills and crumbs. We were behaving as if we didn't have a choice in our situation and we might as well just "give in." That kind of mindset is depressing!! Fortunately, we snapped ourselves out of that and began cleaning off the table so it was inviting for mealtime, we swept and mopped the floor (duh!!) even though we knew we'd be doing it all over again the next day, we picked up after ourselves, and suddenly we felt light, fresh, and detoxed!!!  

Taking the extra time to make our home a place where we want to be during this project has given us the mental space to think clearly, feel happy, and even get along much better!!!

Talk about taking control of our lives and ownership of the entire renovation eh?

  • June 16, 2017
  • Eco Armour
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