For the past several weeks, we have been cleaning out our house. We have gone through all the stuff in our attic, basement, closets, and cupboards. We've lived here 18 years, so not only do we have all the stuff we've accumulated as a family, but also the things we've inherited from our parents who have passed. This is a task we know we should have done many years ago, but alas, we let it all pile up. As we've been cleaning, tossing, donating and saving, we've brought up a lot of emotions. In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo mentions a ritual you can use to help you let things go. Amazingly, it has worked wonders for us. When we pulled things out of the attic that we had not touched in 12 years, covered in dust and probably even mold, we realized we weren't doing that item any favors, and definitely not giving it the respect and honor it deserved. We held the item in our hands, thanked it for the joy it brought us in our lives, even for a day, blessed it and sent it on it's way. In her book, she states that that act allows the item to have the positive and loving energy it so deserved, allowing someone else to get joy from it (if it is being donated), and that loving energy will come back to us in the form of something we actually want and will love.

While doing this task, I came across envelopes and binders full of information about herbs, herbology, and becoming an herbalist. These items were from my mother, Pat Hayden. She'd taken in interest in herbs while walking our very old, and very slow dog, Billy. She never rushed him, it wasn't about getting a "work out" for her. She decided to take advantage of all the delays and study the plants along the roadside by the beach in our neighborhood. She was astounded at how many healing plants were right at our fingertips - and free!! She began bringing them home, getting books from the library and study their healing affects.

Our local health food store had many dried herbs in bulk, and she began buying them and turning them into teas and poultices. One such herb, Comfrey, was one of her favorites. We drank Comfrey and Fenugreek tea often, for calming, stomach pain, injury and inflammation. There was a time when I was a reckless teenager, and I burned my leg terribly when a running moped landed on my leg - (another story). My mom made a poultice of Comfrey and other herbs, which I don't remember, and applied it to my leg every day for a week. After that week, the burn had healed, and I couldn't tell you what leg had suffered that terrible burn today!

Allantoin, an amazingly healing ingredient that is in ALL of our products, comes from the Comfrey plant. It is also in beet root, the source for our allantoin in Eco-armour products. I was thrilled to see that this ingredient was probably hugely responsible for my incredible healing from the burn. And, as I did more research about the healing affects of allantoin, I discovered that it actually removes the top layer of skin, almost like an exfoliation, to reveal the lower layer that is now able to receive and absorb all the healing power allantoin has to offer.

Quite a lot of research has been carried out on the compounds found in Allantoin.


Hydrating: Increases the water content of skin.

Desquamating: It encourages natural exfoliation in the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the skin.

Repairing: It is well known for its ability to stimulate cell proliferation, encouraging new tissue growth.

It is known to be extremely wound healing, research has shown that it clears away necrotic tissue, making way for a healthy new tissue.

Healing: An active skin protector, it naturally encourages the skins healing process, making it a suitable ingredient for treating minor wounds and irritations.

Relieves dryness: Promotes cellular regeneration, counteracting dryness and repairing an impaired barrier, allantoin encourages sensitive skin to become more resilient.

Protecting: This is one ingredient that really does soften the skin, it also protects chapped, sun damaged skin, studies have shown that it protects against UV induced cell damage.

Soothing: It is considered an excellent anti-irritant, calming and soothing inflamed skin.  Allantoin is clever, in that it actually interacts with the skin’s keratin to thin out an abnormal, thick stratum corneum, this is the reason that allantoin is known for leaving skin feeling smooth.


As an alchemist, Robert has spent years researching the most superior, effective, safe, and botanical ingredients from all over the world. These aren't just ordinary formulas. We can't stress enough the time and care that has gone into making all our products the very best for your skin and hair. We care deeply about you, the environment, and our family.  


  • May 19, 2017
  • Eco Armour
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