The sense of community we get when we connect with our fellow vendors at the farmer's markets is one of the many reasons we like to support our local farmers and vendors.  All the delicious fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, flowers and handmade items are lovingly grown and made and offered - we didn't pick them off a shelf after they've travelled a long way just to sit there quietly waiting to be purchased.  We actually have relationships with the vendors and farmers.  We love their products and they love eco-armour products!!!  We've gotten to know the farmers, know how much they care about their produce, how much love, time and energy they've put into growing, harvesting and bringing their wares to the market.

We not only buy something that is usually organic, definitely non-GMO, sustainably harvested - but something that is grown and offered with love.  We are already nourished by the food before we even take the first bite!!  The amazing feeling we get from supporting local farmers, to getting to know them and their stories, to bringing their offering home and honoring it by carefully washing, prepping, cooking, composing, and finally gratefully eating the delicious creation we made together as a family, but being aware that our amazing and beautiful meal came to us through beauty and love and respect - and not just for a profit in a cold and impersonal atmosphere.

Gino from Genoa

Gino from Genoa, who owns  Cavanna homemade pasta - is a classic example of the human connection and the benefits of that connect. We've developed a friendship with him, chatting with him, getting to know him, understanding his passion for what he does. Gino gave us fresh handmade pasta which we cooked that very night - paring it with delicious homemade kale caesar salad and fresh sausage.  It's no mistake that we felt so nourished and satisfied after our meal.  Zoe's mom used to say, "Anything offered with love is nourishing."  What a difference it makes to have those human connections - we all feel good.


Pasta with kale and sausage


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