Years ago - probably around 2009, my son Willsey and I decided we wanted to try and get more vegetable in us, and blender drinks were all the rage it seemed.  We looked up a recipe, prepped all the ingredients, and slowly blended away.  I say slowly, because we did not have a high powered blender, so we had to blend one veggie at a time, and many times before we could add another without literally breaking the blender.  We didn't have the confidence at the time to allow ourselves to be inspired, so we dutifully followed a recipe - to the letter.  They didn't taste all that great, but we knew we were getting nutrients, so we swallowed it down regardless.
Fast forward a couple of years - yes, a couple of years!!! Robert surprised me with a blendtec blender for Mother's Day.  I could not believe the difference!!  I could, add all the ingredients into the container push "whole juice," and we would have our veggie/fruit drinks in less than a minute!
I stopped following recipes, and became more and more inspired by the fruits and veggies that Robert brought home from the Farmer's Markets - making endless combinations that were vibrant to look at, and so delicious!!  I made "green" drinks and "red" drinks mostly.  I also started adding "super foods" to the mix.  Some "super foods" I stopped using, because, frankly, I felt all the beautiful produce I was putting in was already  "super!"  I do enjoy adding spirulina and chlorella, as well as collagen peptides to my drinks, but not always -sometimes they are just "clean."
I cannot emphasize enough how much these drinks energize and hydrate my family and me.  We love starting the day with them, and also as hydration after a workout.  I never consider my green drinks or red drinks to be a meal.  This time of year, I consider them my "flu shot."  The rest of the year, they are really my set of vitamins - and I feel great.  
An example of a green drink:  one handful kale or spinach, one handful parsley, one cucumber, one or two stalks celery, two apples, juice of one lemon and juice of one lime, one inch nib of ginger, one teaspoon spirulina.  
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