When Robert asked me to write about hyaluronic acid butyrate, my first thought was 'I don't even know how to spell that, let alone talk about it in an interesting way!!' It is not a sexy-sounding ingredient. And while looking at the research he provided me, there were so many diagrams of chemical reactions - again, not something that makes most people feel warm and fuzzy - let alone inspired!

Please read this example of what I'm talking about: 

In our laboratories, a simple synthetic pathway has been developed, that involves safe and common reagents and mild reaction conditions in organic media, in order to obtain both soluble and cross-linked hyaluronic derivatives. These derivatives are sterilizable by filtration or steam.


Sigea S.r.l., Area Science Park, Padriciano 99, 34012 Trieste, Italy 

Its high capacity of retaining water and the high viscoelasticity make it suitable for various cosmetic and medical applications; for example as moisturizing and anti-ageing agent in many cosmetics or as biomaterial in medical devices for treatment of osteoarthritis and ophthalmic pathologies [3].


At high hyaluronidase concentration, the esterase presence allows fast degradation of all the samples. At low hyaluronidase concentration it is evident that higher degree of substitution improves the resistance to enzymatic degradation.


Upon modulating reaction conditions, phisico-chemical and mechanical properties can be modified, obtaining hydrogels. These auto-crosslinked HA are characterized by the simultaneous presence of ester linkages involving the COOH-groups of both the butyric acid and the glucuronic moiety with OH-functions of HA.


However, I have now changed my tune. Yes, I do listen to Robert talk about all the highly active ingredients in our products - especially the serum and lotion. I've been amazed at him recalling the meetings with some of our ingredient vendors, chemists, and fellow skin care enthusiasts, where he lists off all the ingredients he proudly blends into our magical serum, and their jaws just dropping. They tell him that most companies only put one or two super healing ingredients in their products, and then fill with other ingredients that may have some importance, but way less impact on the skin. I've listened as he, without hesitation, lists off each ingredient, in order of appearance and percentage, where he sourced it, what it does for the skin, and oh, how expensive it is - but it is sooo worth it!

Which brings me to hyaluronic acid butyrate - which, by the way, I just spelled without having to look or think about it - because I've been reading about it, and becoming just as excited and inspired by it now as Robert is.  It truly is a game changer for skin care. Studies show that it works at the cellular level, it works to encourage collagen production, it is highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and can renew skin several layers deep. This is no ordinary ingredient.  

It was invented by an Italian Professor, who is the only one who makes it. Robert truly searches the world for the best ingredients that will work in harmony for all our products. And hyaluronic acid butyrate has been so effective in our serum and lotion, that we feel it is one of the reasons our products work so well, and customers come back time and again, stating that their skin is radiant again, their skin is healing and smooth again, they feel vibrant and hydrated like never before - just look at our testimonials!

In our family alone, it is essential that we have a way to address all our skin issues with products we absolutely trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. Robert has made that easy by sourcing ingredients that are synthetic chemical free, organic when possible, botanical, and sustainable. His ability to formulate a product that meets not only our needs, but the needs of so many with similar issues, is a true blessing. We've included an image of our dear son, Hayden, who is self-injurious, and inflicts bruising and abrasions on his face regularly. The good news is, our Serum actively and quickly works to diminish and virtually eliminate the bruising, and the abrasions heal within a day or two. We are able to keep Hayden looking radiant and gorgeous without any harmful ingredients being absorbed into his skin and blood stream. This is truly our miracle!

Thank you for reading and trying our products! We look forward to hearing from you!

  • April 21, 2017
  • Eco Armour
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