Robert invented a Shaving Method, got it patented, we came up with a name for the product, began selling, and people LOVED it!!  We first called the product: Kool It.  It was a liquid, witch hazel based, formulated to not only give the most effective shaves with zero irritation, but it was also patented to extend blade life!!  Zoe's dad was one of our first testers and he was impressed.  He was able to use a disposable razor for 4 months straight, making sure to soak his razor in the liquid between each shave.  We then changed the name of the product again, and the label, calling it: Superb Shave, a recommendation of Zoe's dad.  Yes, it was a superb shave at that.  We asked everyone we could, to try the product.  Not only did the product virtually eliminate razor burn, cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, irritation, redness, but it REALLY did EXTEND the life of the blade!!!
 Fast forward to today, our product is now called: Shave with Benefits, our company is eco-armour, our customers are growing, and we are more committed today to keeping our products free of chemicals, conscious of their effects on our customers, and the environment, made in small batches, and always with love.
Witch hazel gets a lot of credit in this story.  We use it in almost all of our products.  It has amazing properties for so many skin conditions.  The plant is known as Winter Bloom, native to North America, but now is also grown in Europe.  It truly is anti-inflammatory for skin conditions such as: eczema and psoriasis.  It is healing and soothing and calming for the skin.  Both Robert and I grew up using witch hazel.  In Zoe's home, it was kept in the fridge to aide in reducing inflammation, soothe sunburn, heal cuts and bruises with no stinging.  Robert's grandmother used witch hazel to clean the counters and soothe the kids bee stings, or sunburns during summers on the lake.
In our Shave with Benefits, we use witch hazel, first ingredient (no water filler), in each shave foam.  We have three scents, not just so customers can pick their favorite scent, because each essential oil combination is selected very carefully and thoughtfully so certain conditions can be addressed specifically.  Our Pink Grapefruit Bergamot Shave Foam is specifically formulated for skin that is inflamed, bumps, acne, and redness.  Our Pomegranate Mango is good for anti-aging, loaded with vitamin C and even helps with sun exposure.  Our Eucalyptus Mint foam is not only stimulating to the senses, it is also anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.  Some customers buy a certain scent specifically because of how the essential makes them feel when they smell it.  That is what aromatherapy is for, and one of the important reasons why we include essential oils.
Witch hazel truly is a magical plant that when formulated with our other ingredients in our shave foam (as well as many of our other products), creates an experience that we believe cannot be compared.  Our shave foam gives the skin a smooth and silky feel, no sticky film left on the skin, it creates an environment where lotion or serum can be applied and absorbed readily and evenly.  And the skin looks and feels moisturized all day long, while looking soft and supple.
Please look at our testimonials for further proof of our wonderful shave foam.
  • March 16, 2017
  • Eco Armour
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