We love what we do.  Our company is part of our lifestyle.  We think about it all the time.  In fact, it's our lifestyle that has inspired the products we make, and what goes into them.  Robert and I both grew up in homes where being eco-conscious was a given.  Witch Hazel was used often, usually as a cleanser/toner.  Apple cider vinegar was the main staple for salad dressings, tight muscles, hair rinse, drinks, cleaners, etc...In fact, commercial cleaning products rarely, if ever, entered into our homes.  Our families cared about each other, as well as the environment.  Organic meats, organic produce, and organic eggs were also a given in our houses.  Zoe's mom never bought a clothes dryer, every item of clothing was dried on a clothes line outside or on a small clothes line in the basement on very cold or wet days - and everyone always had clean clothes.  We could go on and on, and maybe we will in a blog post!!

It's no wonder that eco-armour was born.  What we've always known, is that products that work don't have to work to the detriment of the environment.  Robert loves to research ingredients for each product we sell, finding the right ones that nourish, heal, restore, and invigorate the skin, and the senses.  We want our products to look good in the package, smell good when opened, feel good on the skin, and work!!  We constantly test our products on ourselves, until we feel just right about sharing them.  In fact, Robert will come up with a formula he's so proud of, he'll start selling it at Farmer's Markets before we even have labels!!  Our Lotion and Hair Conditioner are two examples of products that are selling very well, but at the moment, do not have labels.  But, don't worry, they are coming this Spring!

Our children have a lot to do with the products we come up with and make.  Our son Hayden, who is Autistic, is very sensitive to harsh products on the market, even ones who label themselves "natural" really aren't natural at all, and can have negative effects on our son.  Robert came up with our Indoor Linen and body spray, with Hayden in mind.  The lavender in the product has a calming effect and a soothing scent.  We spray it on Hayden's (and ours!) pillows and bed linens before bed, as well as the room itself, as a mild air freshener.  He loves breathing it in as he cuddles up in bed.  Interestingly, we also use the Indoor spray as a toner for Hayden's face when he gets home from school.  He wears a helmet with a face shield all day, so when he gets home, it's nice to give him a refreshing "spa treatment."  We just dampen a towel, spray a little Indoor on the towel, and slowly wipe it all over his face and neck.  He totally breathes it in, as if in meditation, taking in the moment.  It is a ritual we all love.

Our son Wills, who is now shaving, loves using the shaving foam, and he loves all the "flavors," as we like to call them.  He is so grateful that not only is his skin smooth after a shave, his complexion looks great!  The shaving foam is amazing at not only virtually eliminating razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and dryness, it also heals and repairs skin, and is the perfect cleansing foam as well.

Our life revolves around our love for our family, friends and the environment.  Each one easily flows into the other.  It's a fun and exciting adventure that we are so fortunate to be on together, and with you!

Thank you.



Robert & Zoe Benzinger
Bay Ridge, Maryland