Though I may have appeared very confident, I have always felt a little insecure about the bumps on the top of my legs. These bumps almost look like a small pimple but they never completely go away. Once I started using eco-armour I noticed a tremendous difference. My legs no longer had bumps and instead were silky and smooth. This product is so versatile I also use it as a body wash. Now when I go out on appearances , I am no longer insecure about my legs and I owe it all to Eco-Armour.
Simone Feldman N. Potomac - Maryland


Beauty Tips for a Cabin Trip. I never thought it would be possible to love insect repellent spray. Besides the offensive scent of OFF, chemical ingredients such as DEET, the oily feel of Avon's SSS (why is everything all caps?), even the natural companies fall short of actually working.

Enter Eco-Armour. It's my official new outdoor fragrance. This lightweight mist smells so lemony. And it's fresh and cooling. I just know you'll find reasons to keep reapplying. (Which is good, because it actually works!) I found myself doing Infomercials for the whole clan. If you should so happen to end up with a case of Poison Ivy (such as I) the Indoor Calming Body and Linen Spray is just what Nature's Doctor ordered. My favorite part-I didn't even feel the need to shower off this repellent. How often have you said that about a bug spray? My point, exactly.Eco-Armour $12.50 4 ounces (Check out their Shave with Benefits Foam too.)

Thank you!


Dear Robert,

Thank you for creating the Advanced Serum! I use your shaving products daily and when the mosquitos are out I reach for your organic bug spray, but I want to give you special thanks for the Serum.

I have used a single squirt every morning and most nights for several months. I look forward to every squirt! First I rub the oil into my finger nails and cuticles on both hands. My finger tips have healed in ways I did not know they needed to heal. The little nicks are all gone. As a finger style guitar player I am most appreciative. Last I rub the oil on my face, neck and ears. So little goes so far. I love the aroma, the feel and the effect. It makes me feel fresh, protected and ready to go.

Thank you so much!

Peter Strong, M.D.


I first bought the Mint-Eucalyptus from you and Francesca at the Annapolis Boat Show in Oct 2012. Once I used it, I became impressed with the product. It does everything as advertised. I get a very close shave and it makes my face feel wonderful and smooth. It also prolongs the life of my blades. This is the only shaving solution I have used since I first tried it in Oct 2012. Thank you and I look forward to my new order.


John McAllister
Hertford, NC


10 My new little ‘bottle of goodness’ that fights fine lines and dark spots!
My new ‘secret’ weapon for beautiful skin. Advanced botanical serum for face, neck and nails by my lovely friends at Eco-Armour ! <3

When I was asked whether I was interested in trying their latest products I quickly jumped at the invitation because if you’ve tried any of their other products particularly their botanical shave products you’ll know why I was excited!

You may be asking if this is yet ‘another’ one of my new faves since I have posted a few reviews in the beauty/skin care dept. but this one is different and has come at a very important time in my life. Wow! Am I being melodramatic or what?! Well, let me explain.
Many of you already know that 2013 was a difficult year for me health-wise. I will have a separate post for you, a very personal one, in the near future but for the sake of this post I need to share with you why this ‘jewel’ is incredible!

In September of 2013 I was diagnosed with #Celiac Disease. CD is an auto-immune disorder that results in damage to the lining of the small intestine when foods with gluten are eaten. Gluten is a form of protein found in grains. The damage to the intestine makes it very hard to absorb important nutrients into the body such calcium, iron, folate etc. More on CD in a future post.

So, you may be asking yourself, what does that have to do with this review on Eco-Armour’s Botanical Serum? Excellent question! The only ‘cure’ for CD is to remove gluten from your diet. While that may seem simple enough, I can assure you it is not. Far from it. You see, gluten is in almost everything including beauty products AND makeup not just in food! That’s where this comes in. The jury’s still out whether using beauty products/skincare/body care/shampoos etc. that contain gluten is detrimental to those with Celiac Disease. Some will say that as long as you are not ‘ingesting’ it, it’s ok to use it since this protein is not absorbed by the body. Others will argue that this is not true and that with time you are taking in traces of gluten and that is harmful for those with CD. Some with CD have even claimed that they feel ‘sick’ when using topical beauty products that contain gluten. So…the debate goes on.

#Sephora has been great! Every time I visit them they are very helpful when it comes to helping me with ‘gluten free’ products and some brands carry lipsticks that are gluten free. My new favorite brand for lips is #Nars! I’m not sure how strongly I feel about using products containing gluten but my gut instinct is telling me to go the ‘natural/organic’ way just to be safe. I removed mostly all commercial cosmetic skincare creams that contain gluten and have begun sticking to those whose labels I can actually understand. Sorry for the long intro but necessary so you understand where I’m going with this and hope you are starting to see that.

Ok…on to the review FINALLY!
Eco-Armour sent me a serum the Advanced Botanical Serum for face, neck and hands. I LOVE this. Period. Why? For one because of the ingredients contained in this little bottle of goodness! My new ‘life-saving’ habit is to become an expert in reading labels. While I’m not there yet I have learned quite a bit when it comes to sneaky ingredients. Check out the list of ingredients below….many with properties known to us precisely for their benefits!

I will talk a little about some of the ingredients on there because that’s what makes this product truly remarkable! They are all incredible and each have special properties but I will mention a few of my favorites… I can’t say enough about Mango butter! All you have to do is ‘google’ it and you will see a host of benefits namely that it nourishes, heals and hydrates! Is known to help with eczema, fine lines and winkles etc. etc. ETCETERA!! It also has a very low rating on the “comedogenic’ scale which means it doesn’t clog pores and is one of the few butters best known for healing and treating the skin because of its excellent properties! You know what it means when an ingredient is listed first on a list right? Right.
Witch Hazel know for tightening the skin, relieving itch, great for acne prone skin, great for reducing puffy eyes…etc…

Aloe Vera…known for its healing properties and then some….really? need I say more?
Bergamot is one of my favorite oils and was thrilled when I saw it listed there! Bergamot is known to help with psoriasis but also helps treat those dark spots or if you suffer from hyperpigmentation and also helps treat cold sores! It’s also been known to brighten complexion. Tea Tree is incredible for healing wounds and scrapes, it’s antifungal it’s best known for its healing properties and is an oil that is now common also in shampoos and many other products! I use it to heal minor skin wounds and irritations…love it.

ALSO if you are gluten intolerant or have CD very important to note that it contains “Hydrolyzed Protein” not from wheat but from Quinoa making it safe for you if you are of the opinion that products containing gluten should not even be applied topically! Win-win!

The second reason why I love this product? Because I have truly seen a difference!
The instructions say to apply 1 drop on damp skin morning and night. One drop is sufficient for my face, neck and whatever is left I just rub together on my hands.
Smooths on easily and feels rich. Easily absorbed into the skin. You don’t have to wait very long before applying your makeup. Gives you that hint of healthy, luminous skin. My skin feels ‘spoiled’, very hydrated and plump making those fine lines hardly noticeable
As far as the scent is concerned the Tea Tree oil is what I smell predominantly. I like that scent so I’m ok with it.

The only drawback is that it only comes in one size. 15 ml bottle (pump) with a cap. Great for traveling! But I do wish it came in a bigger size as well…hint hint, wink wink
Priced at $79 but currently on sale right now at $39 which I think is great for what you are receiving. Not chemical-based ingredients and fillers, you are getting high quality ingredients by a company that truly cares about the environment!

Anyone with a gluten problem knows how expensive products are but very important for optimal health. I’ve been using it for almost a month now and still have half a bottle left. Since my diagnosis that has opened my eyes very wide to the importance of not only what we put ‘into’ our bodies but what we put ‘on’ our bodies & face and judging by the extensive research I've been forced to do I am so glad to see that I am not the only one!

I have even begun making my own facial toners which I will share in another post. If you want to know more about Eco-Armour or purchase any of their fab products feel free to check out their website Eco-Armour
Please share your comments or questions! Thanks for stopping by here! **hugs**

By Nuccia Ardagna

Try it!!! Your new shaving product is absolutely great!! I used to shave with an expensive brushless cream that numbed my face so I'd get a shave that didn't bother me. I tried the new shaving Eco-Armour foam and literally couldn't believe the shave that I got the first time I used it.Using just a bit of the product, as directed, the very first shave was unbelievable. NO messy foam or cream on my face and having to rinse the razor all the time and no mess in the shower or sink. I used to need a balm after shaving the "old" way to sooth my skin but with the new product the razor just glides over my skin with no drag or burn. The smooth shave is so good that no balm is necessary to sooth it and my skin feels great and smooth. Best of all I can actually shave in 5 minutes or less from start to finish. Also, and my blades seem to last forever. Try it!!!

Arthur Perschetz Baltimore

From a Razor Bump Struggler
May 16, 2012 "As someone with very curly hair, I've always struggled with razor bumps. My search for safe shaving products led to me towards some very expensive, not very effective products, but Eco-Armour has worked really well for me. Not only that, but one 5 oz bottle lasted me almost a year!"

Thanks, Ben Woo Los Angeles

"I happened upon Eco-Armour products at the local farmers' market over the summer. A local company, all natural products, and bug spray that's good for my skin?!? Sounded too good to be true. Having used all-natural sunblock and getting very burnt in the past, I was somewhat skeptical, but figured it was worth a try. I could not have been more impressed!! The natural shaving foam had a wonderful scent, my smooth shave lasted for significantly longer and there was no razor burn (something I'm unfortunately prone to). I also applied the foam directly to my razor and it lasted for a month... it may even have lasted longer had I not run out of the foam. I'm one of those people that detests buying razors because they can be so expensive, so I do my best to wear one out before I toss it (and believe me, toward the end it's not pretty). Now with eco-armour's Shaving Foam I won't have to replace my razor so frequently, it will actually stay sharp for a much cleaner shave and my legs stay smoother longer so I don't need to shave as often. What's not to love about that?!" "After having such a great experience with the shaving foam I was very excited to try the bug spray. Behind my backyard is a small patch of woods that is overgrown with bamboo. One could imagine how much mosquito's love this kind of setting. I LOVE being outside but unfortunately enjoying my hammock is not an option for more than a minute without getting eaten alive, and I can't stand the idea of wearing toxic chemicals to keep bugs away. So I doused myself in the spray (which had a wonderful citrus scent to it) and set my mental timer to see how long it would take for mosquito's to dine on my skin. Two chapters later, I had yet to even think twice about going back inside. Amazing!!" "On top of all these wonderful acclamations, I feel compelled to also comment about costumer service. Knowing the farmer's market was not open over the winter I attempted to contact Eco-Armour wondering how else I could get their local product. Robert called me back immediately and we arranged to meet at a nearby coffee shop within minutes. After offering to buy me coffee, we were able to chat about progress with his company, new possible areas to explore and even how our holidays went. If that weren't enough he gave me a significant discount on the products I was there to purchase! Eco Armour, it's products, and incredible costumer service could not come more highly recommended by this very holistic, health and wellness oriented Annapolitan."

Melissa MSW, LGSW, AHA (Applied Healing Arts Masters)

A Few of My Favorite Things…
January 11, 2012 by Moss Envy Happy New Year! Time to turn over a new leaf they say… when I read that we only posted 11 blog posts last year, I was truly disappointed – I know we can do better! We have SO much more to say than that! So, on the other side of that new leaf is a commitment to share more and more often with you – via our blog. I thought I would kick off my new found commitment by sharing with you, some of the various Moss Envy products that my family and I actually use and love, why we use them, and what’s the big deal! I’m a big fan of Eco-Armour’s Shaving Foam and Body wash. I love it’s ingredient list, I love how it smells and I love how it feels on my skin and how it leaves my skin feeling. I really feel like it lays down a nice (natural) lubrication for shaving – any part of your body. My personal favorite is the Eucamint scent. It’s invigorating – great to wake up to in the morning!
What a relief!
"We just moved to the DC area this summer and were surprised at how bad the mosquitoes were. We tried everything to keep them off our two small children, but nothing worked. The 15 month-old scratched his bites so badly they were swollen and bleeding. I bought eco-armour because not only could I put it on to prevent the bites, I could use it to calm their irritated skin. Even the most "eco-friendly" brands of other products I'd found couldn't do that! That first night I used the spray on them at bedtime, and by morning I was amazed to see how much better the bites looked. No longer angry red welts, they'd already started to heal. Over the next week, their bites healed, and they were getting far fewer bites when we did go out. They now love it so much that they eagerly hold out their hands for me to give them some spray to rub into their own legs every time we go out. Now I know they're getting protected from new bites, and healing the ones they already have. What a relief!"


I am no longer insecure about my legs!
Though I may have appeared very confident, I have always felt a little insecure about the bumps on the top of my legs. These bumps almost look like a small pimple but they never completely go away. Once I started using eco-armour I noticed a tremendous difference. My legs no longer had bumps and instead were silky and smooth. This product is so versatile I also use it as a body wash. Now when I go out on appearances , I am no longer insecure about my legs and I owe it all to eco-armour.

Simone Feldman, N. Potomac - Maryland

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the study of the product.

Hello, my name is Anthony A. Woodard and I’m a 42 year old afro-American man who with the complication of sensitive skin which is easily irritated from shaving. I spent many years trying different brands of shaving cream as well as razors to find that the common disposable razor does not agree with my sensitive skin. But I have also tried numerous shaving cream products even the products that offer special ingredients for afro-American skin, to be left with itching, burning irritable neck and chin, not to mention bumps and soreness. While using your product, I have noticed a pleasant not itch or burning sensation after shaving. My first reaction was the cream does not give you the heavy foam as tradition shaving creams, but the thin latter has been better for shaving, I find myself shaving hair and not foam which means much fewer strokes with the razor leaving a much cleaner shave with no irritation. The ingredients leave my skin feeling moisturized and smelling good without the use of aftershave lotion or some other application. Now after using the product for the pass 3 days, I find the bumps left over from my previous shaving cream are now disappearing which is a refreshing feeling after years of irritation.

Pros: No heavy foams (less time spent shaving); Nice refreshing scent; No burning after shave; No razor bumps; No itching

Cons: None I have been totally happy with this product and hope to see it on store shelves soon. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the study of the product.

Anthony Woodward, Washington DC

I would highly recommend it to anyone. My name is Harold Chatham, a 28 year old African American male. Since I started shaving I have had a constant struggle to find products that will not damage my skin or my hair. I had come to the point where I had given up on shaving with a razor completely at home. I had tried every combination of shaving creams, razors and after shave, without finding results that were satisfying to me. I tried eco-armour and was instantly intrigued by its look and feel. While using it I could feel the foam softening my skin. After shaving my skin felt both clean and extremely smooth. eco-armour has allowed me to shave at home again without turning to my electric razor. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Harold Chatham III, Lanham MD


I would strongly recommend this product to my family and friends.
Hello, My name is Gene Lupi, I’m a SCORE councelor. I have been using eco-armour for a year and have found it to be an excellent product. I have never experienced such a close shave with no cuts or irritation and it leaves my face fresh and clean. My wife has used the product on her underarms and legs and experienced the very same results. This product will much more than double the useful life of your blades. I have also used eco-armour to clean my bathroom faucets. It cleans and polishes extremely well. I would strongly recommend this product to my family and friends.

Gene Lupi, Bay Ridge, MD

I LOVE eco-armour! I LOVE eco-armour and fully endorse it. It's not toxic for our skin or for the environment. There is no risk using this product at all. I don't know where this product has been all our lives, but this is the best recipe for shaving cream and razor preserver that I have ever heard of. It's like a family's best kept secret. Just wait till the rest of the world catches on! The planet will be less toxic and our skin will be a lot healthier, thanks to eco-armour.

Dr. Kristin Mowry, Severna Park, MD

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!
I think that eco-armour is what we all have been looking for! I know this product is supposed to be for a good men's shave, but I put it to the test this weekend. I shaved my legs, armpits, and bikini area and for the first time in my life no rash, bumps, or itchiness. My skin was HAPPY. Imagine that! I am more amazed because this is the middle of the cold weather season when my skin is the most sensitive and still there was no dryness or irritation even days after shaving. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product! 

Val Viscome, White Plains, NY

I'm sold!
"A friend gave me a bottle of eco-armour to test. Not thinking much about it I used it to shave my legs the next day. I was BLOWN away by how amazingly smooth they felt afterwards plus I also noticed eco-armour seemed to extend the time between shaves. I'm sold!

Crystal, McLean, VA

Seriously. I love this stuff! "Being of Latino descent, I am prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs. After only 4 weeks of use, Eco-armour has virtually eliminated both. Seriously. I love this stuff!"

Natalie, Gaithersburg, MD