I use eco-armour shaving cream. I've been using it for several years and its totally changed my perspective of having to shave every morning. I almost love it!

It's absolutely the best and I can't find anything that comes close to it for a great shave!



I got a sample of this Mint + Eucalyptus shave cream in my Birchbox . . . And it smells wonderful and I have the smoothest legs ever . . . (and my) boyfriend highly approves.  I'm ordering it again!


You guys should check out eco-armour! It's some great all natural stuff. I use the linen spray and I spray it on my pillow and I dream about flying all night!



I got Shave with Benefits for myself and the next thing I know my daughter's in there using it on her legs and she goes,
'Gee, this is the best shave I've ever had!'
No nicks, no cuts . . .
'How do you feel about that Leah?'

"It made my legs super silky. When my friends were feeling my legs (they) said, what did you use? Now I know, 'Shave with Benefits'."

I purchased this bug spray a year ago and it is magnificent!
It's all natural, it smells amazing and it keeps all the bugs away!


I tried this (Mint + Eucalyptus Shaving Foam) a few weeks ago after I bought it from you and I decided to just use the shaving cream for a week and "The Serum" and it made a Big Big Difference... after just a few days!

Your products are definitely Great!
They really do help out and make your skin feel great and a lot more healthly as well!


I'm picking up another delicious pink grapefruit shave foam.
It smells delicious and it makes my skin look really nice.


I'm buying the "indoor" calming linen & body spray.
I really like it. I use it every night before bed.

It's very relaxing, it puts [me] to sleep and it smells really nice! It is very comforting; I definitely recommend it!


I'm back to get more products because we love everything that you guys make. "Indoor" Calming Linen & Body Spray is amazing! We love it for our hands, I love spraying it into my sheets before we go to bed. So relaxing!

My husband loves "The Serum" for his face lotion; he uses it everyday!

And we both love to use the shaving cream. It's great you don't get any razor burn and it soothes the skin. It's just awesome!

So (we) love, love, love these products, Always stocking up!

We drove all the way down (from Rhode Island) so we could replenish our supply of this amazing product that we love and we can't run out of.
. . . And since we're driving instead of flying we can take a larger supply home with us and hopefully we won't run out any time soon.

He came home with it about a month ago and he said to my daughter and I, you have to try this stuff its amazing! And every morning he would say, have you tried it yet, have you tried it yet? Have you shaved your legs with it? Because it's changed his complexion and it made his skin feel really great.

. . . And my attitude

And his attitude . . . He's much more pleasant now! It's awesome! We Love It, We Love It!
Robert you're the best!

I purchased "The Serum" from (eco-armour) and I Love It.
It's done wonders for my skin even though I've used it only a few times in the past 1-2 weeks since I've made this purchase.

. . . I would highly recommend it!


I just bought the Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit shave gel from eco-armour. I've been using it for a week and so far of all the shave gels that I've ever used, it's the best I've ever had!

My skin is smoother than its ever been, I don't experience any bumps, any acne; I put it on my razor in between shaves and it's been holding up really nicely.

I'm very, very happy with this. It costs no more than anything you get in the grocery store. This is a company that I think has earned my loyalty.