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a very pleasant aroma, it will lift your spirit and calm your nerves!

"Indoor" Calming Aromatherapeutic Linen Spray is aromatherapeutically designed to promote a calm state of mind when sprayed on your pulse points. It promotes restful sleep when sprayed on your linens a few minutes before bedtime.

By blending witch hazel distillate with organic castile soap and aloe vera makes gives the product excellent cleansing and healing properties.

Adding essential oils of lavender, bergamot, vanilla and tea tree give the product a very pleasant aroma, sure to lift your spirit and calm your nerves. People love the effect of indoor when spayed on their skin.

"Indoor" is designed with aromatherapy in mind to relieve stress and anxiety when it is applied to your pulse points throughout the day. Our "indoor" calming aromatherapy linen spray leaves the most pleasant aroma and it is widely used as a full body spray.

When applied to a clean damp cloth it's an excellent freshen up for your face and underarms after exercise like yoga and Pilates given that a full shower is not an option. We recommend "indoor" calming linen and body spray as a yoga mat spray for both before and after freshening of yoga mats.

At night, use "indoor" as a linen spray on your linens in order to promote a calm state of mind and restful sleep. When your pillow cases and sheets are in the washing machine, spray "indoor" linen spray on to your mattress pad and pillows to freshen them and keep dust mites away. "indoor" is also a fantastic air freshener, free of synthetic chemicals.

Essential Oils:

  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Vanilla
  • Tea Tree Oil